What is this software?

“Where’s My Staff” is a software that allow business owners & managers to track their employees in 2 different methods;

The first method, known as “Time Clock,” tracks the location and timing of employees’ visits. Your employees should download the employee app to their phones, check in using the app when they reach the client or project location, and the managers or admin account will be notified right away through the web platform. Additionally, employees should check out using the employee app before leaving the client or project site so the manager or admin account can see it on the dashboard. All data that is stored may be utilized to produce a variety of powerful reports, including ones that detail salary, visits, staff activities, etc.

The second method, called “GPS Locator” enables managers and admin accounts to follow the paths and journeys of their personnel in real time and in great detail. Managers won’t miss any information concerning each employee’s working day as a result. And for sure, all data will be used to generate powerful reports that help managers, business owners and to improve productivity and quality of service, And never forget the security issues!


‘Where’s My Staff’ is a tool for bosses and managers to keep an eye on their employees in two easy ways:

  1. Time Clock: This method tracks when and where employees go for work. Employees just need to download the app, check in when they start work at a place, and check out when they’re done. Managers can see this on their computers. This data helps make reports about pay, visits, and what employees do.
  2. GPS Locator: This method lets managers see where employees are in real-time, like on a map. It’s like following them all day at work. This data is used to make reports that help managers and business owners do better at work and stay safe.