Can I track my employee whenever I want using my admin account?

No, as an administrator, you cannot track your employees whenever you want using your admin account. The tracking functionality in our system operates under specific conditions to ensure both transparency and privacy.

For you to track an employee, the employee must initiate the tracking process by performing a check-in on the Employee App. This check-in action is essential to activate location tracking. In other words, employees need to provide their consent and actively participate in the tracking process by checking in when necessary.

Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining a high level of transparency and respect for privacy. In line with our privacy policies and terms of service, we always notify employees that they are being tracked. This notification is conveyed through push messages sent to their mobile phones. This way, employees are fully aware of the tracking process and have the opportunity to decide when to enable or disable it.

Our approach prioritizes employee consent, ensuring that tracking is conducted in a fair and ethical manner while respecting individual privacy rights.