What is the difference between GPS locator and Time Clock?

By checking in when they arrive at the place and checking out when they leave, Time Clock is used to track employees’ visits to specific locations and the time they spend there. In other words, Time Clock allows you to track only the locations that an employee visits, excluding their travel time. By checking in once at the start of each workday, the GPS Locator, on the other hand, is used to track and allocate employees’ workday pathways and journeys. In other words, a GPS locator will keep tabs on your staff in real time and show you where they are exactly on a map at any point during business hours.

Time Clock: Think of Time Clock as a way to record when employees arrive at and leave specific places. It helps keep track of the time they spend at those places. Imagine it like a digital punch card for work locations.

GPS Locator: Now, GPS Locator goes a step further. Instead of just recording when someone arrives or leaves a place, it shows you where your employees are in real-time throughout the workday. It’s like having a map that constantly updates to show you where your staff members are while they’re working.

So, in short:

  • Time Clock = Records when employees come and go from places.
  • GPS Locator = Shows you exactly where employees are on a map while they’re working.