QR/NFC Technique

With the QR code or NFC and the employee's phone, you will have the greatest and most dependable tool for managing and tracking your employees' attendance and departure. All the employee has to do is scan the QR code or NFC from his phone, and his working hours will be instantly recorded in the company records.

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GPS Technique

The software uses GPS technique on employees' phone and field workers who work outside the company to track them and give details of their locations during working hours. This function is only available with the employees' approval. Throughout their use, a notification will appear on their phones.

User Friendly

We believe that employee productivity improves by using appropriate systems that are compatible with their professional requirements. Therefore, we always strive to make our programs and solutions with an easy and intuitive interface, to make the experience of using our systems more enjoyable..

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Work without internet connection

Ability to use the application offline, in which the information will be stored in the application until it’s connected to the Internet, not to mention that the Internet consumption will not exceed 20KB a day

Multiple branches and departments

The company can create unlimited number of branches and departments and manage them independently.

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Several ways for salaries calculation

Because each company is a unique case and a different success story, we designed our software as flexible as possible to match the requirements of each company, so you will find that the options for calculating salaries, overtime hours, and deductions are unlimited. The employee will be able to view the details of his working hours through the application on his phone

Privacy policy

Privacy policy, in which any user can be tracked only upon his consent. Based on that, no one, even the admin and the producing company, can track or violate the privacy of any of the users. (all information is confidential and secured by the privacy security systems of Android and IOS each according to their mobile phones)

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Disability of manipulating

The user will not be able to manipulate the mobile phone’s time settings, since the application is based solely on the telecommunication network operators and not on the mobile phone’s setting itself.

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