• What is Where’s My Staff application?

    “Where’s My Staff” is a multifunctional application that serves two primary purposes within a single platform:

    1. Attendance Recording System:

       – This aspect of the application functions as an attendance recording system.

       – It leverages NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which is commonly available in modern smartphones.

       – Employees can use this feature to record their attendance by interacting with NFC tags placed within the company’s premises. These NFC tags are associated with the company’s unique code.


    2. Location Detection System:

       – The second system within the application employs GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.

       – It is designed to locate and track the positions of employees who are working outside the physical boundaries of the company’s premises.

       – Employees can utilize this feature to provide their location information, enabling the company to monitor their whereabouts when they are not on-site.

    In essence, “Where’s My Staff” combines these two functionalities to offer a comprehensive solution for managing attendance and tracking employee locations, whether they are working within the company’s facilities or in external locations. This dual-system approach provides flexibility and convenience for both employers and employees.

  • Can the admin track employees at anytime?

    Our application prioritizes user privacy and consent. As an admin, you do not have the capability to track employees at any time without their explicit approval and consent. We are committed to upholding strict privacy standards, ensuring that the tracking functionality is solely activated when employees willingly provide their consent. This approach not only adheres to ethical standards but also safeguards the trust and privacy of all users within the system. So, rest assured that employee tracking within our application is always contingent upon the user's approval. 

  • How does “Where’s My Staff” operate?

    "Where's My Staff" operates as a comprehensive solution for managing attendance and working hours, both within and outside the company premises. Here's how it works:

    1. Control Attendance and Working Hours within the Company:

    • Inside the company, the system utilizes NFC (Near Field Communication) or QR tags placed strategically. Each tag represents a unique code assigned to the company.
    • Employees can register their attendance by simply bringing their smartphones close to the NFC or scanning the QR tag upon arrival and departure.
    • The application automatically records the date and time when the unique company code is captured.
    • Data, including timestamps, is securely sent to the admin's account via the internet.
    • If an employee's smartphone is not connected to the internet at the time of registration, the data is stored safely in the cloud storage and later sent to the admin's account once an internet connection is established.

    2. Control Attendance and Working Hours outside the Company:

    • For tracking attendance and hours worked outside the company premises, the system relies on GPS technology.
    • Employees can use the application to mark their presence by clicking the "check-in" button when they arrive at a specific location and the "check-out" button when they leave.


    Please note that the privacy of employees is of utmost importance. According to our privacy policy, employees cannot be tracked unless they provide explicit consent for tracking, ensuring that their privacy and personal data are respected and protected at all times.

  • Which smart phones can run the application?

    "Where's My Staff" is compatible with a wide range of smartphones. Specifically, it supports:

    1. Android Smartphones:

       - Android devices running on Android 4.4 systems or later can seamlessly run the application. Download the App 

    2. Apple iPhones:

       - For Apple users, the application is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later. Download the App 

    Additionally, it's important to note that the application is designed to adapt to various smartphone capabilities. In cases where smartphones do not support NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, the application smoothly transitions to using QR code technology for attendance recording.

    Moreover, "Where's My Staff" is fully functional on Huawei smartphones that may not support Google services, ensuring that users with these devices can also utilize the application effectively. Download the App
    For APK you can download here 

  • What about privacy

    Privacy is a paramount concern, and we have taken extensive measures to ensure the utmost confidentiality and security of user data within the "Where's My Staff" application. Here are some key privacy assurances and measures:

    1. Confidentiality and Encryption:

       - All user information, including data related to the company, admin accounts, employees, and users, is treated with the highest level of confidentiality.

       - Data is securely stored on private servers and is protected with robust encryption measures to prevent unauthorized access.

    2. Access Control:

       - No entity, including the application's producing company, can access user data without the direct permission of the account owner.

       - User data remains fully protected, and only authorized personnel, with explicit permission, can access it.

    3. User Consent:

       - Users and employees of the application can be assured that their information will remain safe. The application explicitly notifies users when they are being tracked, ensuring transparency and consent throughout the usage of the application, especially during the check-in process.

    4. Privacy Policy Review:

       - The producing company has partnered with Iubenda, a specialized firm in formulating and establishing privacy policies on the internet, to carefully review and establish privacy policies for the application and its website.


    Our commitment to user privacy is unwavering, and we encourage users to review the full "Where's My Staff" Privacy Policy for more detailed information on how their data is handled and protected. Your trust and data security are our top priorities. Read the full Privacy Policy 

GPS location tracking

  • What is “Where’s My Staff”?

    "Where's My Staff" is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that provides real-time location tracking of employees using GPS technology, designed to improve staff management, operational efficiency, and safety​​.

  • How does the real-time location tracking work?
    1. The platform uses GPS technology to monitor the exact whereabouts of staff members at any given time, offering real-time visibility and enhanced safety and security​​
  • What industries can benefit from “Where’s My Staff”?

    Various industries like security firms, sales teams, cleaning services, home medical care, construction sites, field service organizations, and logistics companies can significantly benefit from using "Where's My Staff" for optimizing workforce management and enhancing safety​​.

  • What are the key features of “Where’s My Staff”?

    The key features include real-time location tracking, a user-friendly mobile application, attendance tracking through NFC or QR tags, offline functionality, and comprehensive reporting and analytics​​.

  • Can “Where’s My Staff” work offline?

    Yes, the mobile application can operate in areas with poor internet connection or without internet, with accuracy approximately at 70%​​.

  • How is employee privacy protected in “Where’s My Staff”?
    1. The platform prioritizes employee privacy by ensuring that location tracking is transparent and consensual, with employees being notified when tracking begins and ends. The data is encrypted to ensure security​​
  • Can I integrate “Where’s My Staff” with my existing HR systems?

    Yes, "Where's My Staff" is designed for easy integration with various HR systems, allowing for seamless tracking and management of employee whereabouts without disrupting existing workflows​​.

  • What are the pricing plans for “Where’s My Staff”?

    Pricing is based on the number of employees and the selected features, with flexible options for small to large organizations. Detailed pricing can be found on the pricing page​​. 

  • How do I get started with “Where’s My Staff”?

    To get started, sign up for an admin account on the "Where's My Staff" website, add employees, and instruct them to download the mobile app and activate it with a provided code​​.

the Time Clock App

  • How is data privacy handled in the Time Clock feature?

    'Where's My Staff' adheres to strict data privacy regulations, ensuring that all data collected through the Time Clock feature is securely stored and managed, with access rights controlled to protect employee privacy​​.

  • Is training provided for using the Time Clock feature?

    'Where's My Staff' offers onboarding and training for administrators and employees to ensure they can effectively use the Time Clock feature and other functionalities of the platform​​.

  • What happens if an employee forgets to check in or out?

    Administrators can manually adjust the records or set up reminders and alerts to ensure employees remember to check in or out through the app, maintaining accurate attendance tracking​​.

  • Can I customize the settings of the Time Clock feature?

    Yes, administrators can customize settings such as defining specific locations for check-in/out, setting up work schedules, and configuring alerts and notifications to meet their business needs​​.

  • How can I access the reports generated by the Time Clock feature?

    Admins can access comprehensive reports and analytics generated by the Time Clock feature through the web platform, providing insights into employee productivity, attendance patterns, and operational efficiency​​.

  • Is the Time Clock feature available offline?

    Yes, the Time Clock functionality can operate in areas with poor or no internet connection, allowing employees to check in and out, with the data syncing once a stable internet connection is available​​.

  • What are the benefits of using the Time Clock feature in ‘Where’s My Staff’?

    The Time Clock feature helps improve operational efficiency by providing real-time visibility of staff locations, enhancing communication and collaboration, and supporting data-driven decision-making with detailed reports on staff activities​​.

  • Can the Time Clock feature be used for all types of businesses?

    Yes, the Time Clock is versatile and can be used across various industries to monitor staff activities, improve time management, and enhance operational efficiency​​.

  • How does the Time Clock feature work?

    Employees download the mobile app, check in upon arrival at a client or project site, and check out when leaving. Managers receive real-time notifications of these actions through the web platform, which also stores the data for reporting and analysis​​.

  • What is the Time Clock feature in ‘Where’s My Staff’?

    The Time Clock feature allows tracking of employees' visits to specific locations and the time they spend there, providing a straightforward way to monitor attendance and working hours using the app​​.

Security Team FAQs

  • How can ‘Where’s My Staff’ enhance security team management?

    'Where's My Staff' offers real-time location tracking of security personnel, enabling optimal placement and coverage, and improving incident response and security coordination at events or facilities​​.

  • What specific features of ‘Where’s My Staff’ are beneficial for security teams?

    Features like real-time location tracking, geofencing, and instant notifications are particularly useful for security teams to monitor personnel movements, ensure they are in the right locations, and respond quickly to incidents​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ be used for event security?

    Yes, it is ideal for tracking security personnel during events, providing a comprehensive overview of staff deployment and enabling quick adjustments to ensure optimal security coverage​​.

  • How does ‘Where’s My Staff’ contribute to the safety of security personnel?

    The platform ensures that in case of an emergency, security personnel can be located and assisted promptly, enhancing their safety while on duty​​.

  • Is the data from ‘Where’s My Staff’ usable for post-event security analysis?

    Yes, the reporting and analytics capabilities of 'Where's My Staff' allow for the generation of detailed post-event reports, aiding in analyzing security performance and making informed decisions for future improvements​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ be integrated with existing security systems?

    While the platform is primarily designed for workforce management, it can complement existing security systems by providing real-time location data of personnel, enhancing the overall security infrastructure​​.

  • What kind of training is provided for security teams using ‘Where’s My Staff’?

    'Where's My Staff' offers onboarding and training to ensure that security teams can effectively use the platform, maximizing its benefits for security management and coordination​​.

  • How does ‘Where’s My Staff’ ensure the privacy of security personnel?

    The platform complies with privacy regulations, ensuring that tracking is done ethically and transparently, with personnel informed about when and how their location data is used​​.

  • What support is available for security teams using ‘Where’s My Staff’?

    Dedicated customer support is provided to address any technical issues, assist with system setup, and guide users in utilizing the platform to its full potential for security team management​​.

Cleaning Services Employee Tracking App FAQs

  • How does ‘Where’s My Staff’ assist in managing cleaning service employees?

    The app enables real-time tracking of cleaners, allowing management to verify their presence in designated service areas, ensure timely service delivery, and improve client satisfaction​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ help in optimizing cleaning routes and schedules?

    Yes, the real-time location tracking feature can be used to monitor cleaners' movements, helping to optimize routes, reduce travel time between locations, and improve overall service efficiency​​.

  • What features of ‘Where’s My Staff’ are most useful for cleaning services?

    Features like real-time location tracking, attendance tracking, and reporting are particularly beneficial for managing cleaning staff, enhancing coordination, and ensuring accountability​​​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ be used for tracking the cleaning quality and performance?

    Yes, through detailed reporting and analytics, management can assess cleaning activities, employee productivity, and service quality, enabling data-driven decision-making to improve performance​​.

  • Is it possible to track cleaning employees in large buildings or complexes?

    Yes, 'Where's My Staff' provides accurate location tracking even in large and complex environments, ensuring that cleaning staff can be monitored throughout their service areas​​.

  • How does ‘Where’s My Staff’ handle privacy concerns for cleaning employees?

    The app respects employee privacy by providing transparent tracking, ensuring employees are aware of the monitoring and its purpose, and securing the data collected in compliance with privacy regulations​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ integrate with other workforce management systems used by cleaning services?

    'Where's My Staff' is designed for easy integration, allowing cleaning service companies to seamlessly combine it with their existing workforce or task management systems​​.

  • What training and support are provided for using ‘Where’s My Staff’ in cleaning services?

    Comprehensive onboarding and training are provided, along with ongoing customer support to ensure that cleaning service managers and staff can effectively use the app​​.

  • How does offline functionality work for cleaning employees in areas with poor internet connectivity?

    'Where's My Staff' continues to track and store location data even in areas with poor or no internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted tracking of cleaning employees, with data syncing once a stable connection is re-established​​.

Sales Team FAQs

  • How can ‘Where’s My Staff’ improve the management of sales teams?

    'Where's My Staff' enhances management by tracking field representatives' real-time locations, optimizing route planning, and ensuring timely customer updates, leading to improved accountability and territory management​​.

  • What features of ‘Where’s My Staff’ are specifically beneficial for sales teams?

    Features like real-time location tracking, route optimization, and detailed reporting are valuable for managing sales activities, optimizing sales visits, and analyzing performance​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ help in assigning territories to sales reps?
    1. Yes, the platform can be used to monitor and manage sales territories efficiently, ensuring optimal coverage and reducing overlaps in sales rep assignments​​
  • How does ‘Where’s My Staff’ assist in scheduling and planning sales visits?

    How does 'Where's My Staff' assist in scheduling and planning sales visits?

  • Can the platform generate reports on sales activities and productivity?

    Yes, 'Where's My Staff' offers comprehensive reporting and analytics features, providing insights into sales visits, time spent with clients, and overall team productivity to make informed decisions​​.

  • How does the mobile app benefit sales representatives on the field?

    The mobile app helps sales reps share their location, receive updates and instructions, and log visit details, streamlining communication and improving efficiency on the go​​.

  • Is ‘Where’s My Staff’ capable of tracking sales performance over time?

    Yes, the platform can track sales activities and performance over time, allowing for trend analysis and helping identify successful strategies and areas for improvement​​.

  • How does ‘Where’s My Staff’ ensure the privacy of sales employees?

    The app adheres to strict privacy policies, ensuring that tracking is transparent, consensual, and in compliance with legal standards to protect the privacy of sales employees​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ be integrated with sales and CRM systems?

    While 'Where's My Staff' is primarily a location tracking and workforce management tool, it may be possible to integrate it with CRM systems for holistic sales management, depending on the technical capabilities​​.

  • What kind of support and training are available for sales teams using ‘Where’s My Staff’?

    Comprehensive support and training are provided to ensure that sales teams can fully leverage the platform to enhance their productivity and efficiency​​.


  • How does ‘Where’s My Staff’ benefit home healthcare teams?

    'Where's My Staff' facilitates efficient scheduling and tracking of healthcare professionals for patient visits, ensuring timely and coordinated care, and improving emergency response and patient safety​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ help in managing on-call and emergency healthcare services?

    Yes, with real-time location tracking, the platform allows healthcare organizations to quickly locate and dispatch the nearest available healthcare professional to respond to urgent patient needs​​.

  • What features of ‘Where’s My Staff’ are most useful for home healthcare services?

    Real-time location tracking, geofencing for patient location management, instant communication capabilities, and detailed reporting are key features that enhance the coordination and efficiency of home healthcare services​​.

  • How does the platform improve patient care coordination?

    'Where's My Staff' enables real-time monitoring of healthcare staff locations, allowing for better scheduling, reducing wait times for patients, and ensuring that care is delivered promptly and efficiently​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ integrate with existing healthcare management systems?

    While primarily a location tracking and management tool, 'Where's My Staff' may integrate with healthcare management systems to streamline operations, subject to technical compatibility and integration capabilities​​.

  • How is the privacy of both healthcare staff and patients protected in ‘Where’s My Staff’?

    The platform adheres to strict privacy and security regulations, ensuring that all location tracking and data handling are compliant with healthcare privacy standards to protect the information of both staff and patients​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ provide historical location data for healthcare visits?

    Yes, the system stores historical location data, allowing management to review the routes and locations visited by healthcare staff for reporting, auditing, and improving service delivery​​.

  • Is ‘Where’s My Staff’ usable in areas with poor internet connectivity?

    Yes, the app has offline functionality, allowing healthcare staff to continue their work and log their location even in areas with poor or no internet connection, syncing the data once connectivity is restored​​.

  • What training is provided for home healthcare teams using ‘Where’s My Staff’?

    Comprehensive training and support are offered to ensure healthcare teams can effectively use all features of the platform, maximizing the benefits for patient care and staff management​​.

  • How does ‘Where’s My Staff’ support real-time decision-making in home healthcare?

    The platform provides real-time location data and analytics, enabling healthcare managers to make immediate and informed decisions regarding staff deployment and patient care priorities​​.

Construction Site Employee Tracking FAQs

  • How does ‘Where’s My Staff’ enhance construction site management?

    The app provides real-time location tracking of construction workers, aiding in monitoring their safety, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring compliance with work schedules and safety regulations​​.

  • What features of ‘Where’s My Staff’ are particularly useful for construction site tracking?

    Real-time location tracking, attendance tracking, and detailed reporting features are crucial for managing construction site activities and enhancing worker safety​​.

  • How does the platform improve safety and emergency response on construction sites?

    'Where's My Staff' enables quick location of employees in case of an emergency, facilitating faster response times and better coordination in critical situations​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ be integrated with other construction management software?

    While primarily a location tracking solution, 'Where's My Staff' may be integrated with construction management software, depending on the technical capabilities and compatibility​​.

  • How does ‘Where’s My Staff’ handle data privacy and security for construction site tracking?

    The platform adheres to stringent data privacy and security standards, ensuring that all location and employee data are securely managed and compliant with relevant regulations​​.

  • Is ‘Where’s My Staff’ suitable for tracking large construction sites?

    Yes, the app is scalable and can effectively track employees across large construction sites, providing managers with comprehensive visibility of workforce distribution and site activities​​.

  • Can the app track the time spent by employees on specific tasks or areas within the construction site?

    Yes, 'Where's My Staff' can track the duration of time employees spend in designated areas or on specific tasks, aiding in productivity analysis and workforce management​​.

  • What kind of reports can be generated with ‘Where’s My Staff’ for construction site management?

    The platform can generate various reports including attendance, time spent on tasks, location history, and safety compliance, providing valuable insights for optimizing construction site operations​​.

  • What support and training does ‘Where’s My Staff’ provide for construction site tracking?

    Comprehensive training and support are offered to ensure that construction site managers and workers can effectively use the app, enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of construction operations​​.


  • How can ‘Where’s My Staff’ benefit NGOs in managing their field staff?

    'Where's My Staff' offers real-time location tracking, improving coordination and safety for NGO workers in the field, especially in remote or high-risk areas, by allowing for efficient deployment and quick response to incidents​​.

  • What features of ‘Where’s My Staff’ are essential for NGOs?

    Real-time location tracking, geofencing, emergency alerts, attendance tracking, and detailed reporting are key features that help NGOs monitor field operations, ensure staff safety, and improve project management​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ be used in areas with limited internet connectivity?

    Yes, the platform has offline functionality that allows continuous tracking of employees’ locations and activities, syncing data when internet connection is restored, which is crucial for NGOs operating in remote areas​​.

  • How does ‘Where’s My Staff’ support the specific needs of NGO operations?

    The app can be customized to track various NGO activities such as field visits, community outreach, and disaster response efforts, ensuring that resources are used efficiently and goals are met on time​​.

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ help NGOs in reporting and accountability?

    Yes, the platform provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that can assist NGOs in creating detailed activity reports, enhancing transparency, and accountability to stakeholders and donors​​

  • How is the privacy and security of NGO employees ensured in ‘Where’s My Staff’?

    'Where's My Staff' adheres to strict data privacy and security protocols, ensuring that employee tracking is done ethically and confidentially, with data encryption and secure access controls​​

  • Is training provided for NGO staff to use ‘Where’s My Staff’?

    Comprehensive training and support are available, ensuring that NGO staff understand how to use the app effectively for their specific operational requirements​​

  • Can ‘Where’s My Staff’ assist in crisis or emergency situations for NGOs?

    With real-time tracking and alerting features, the app can help NGOs quickly respond to emergencies, coordinate crisis management efforts, and ensure the safety of their employees in the field​​.

  • How scalable is ‘Where’s My Staff’ for NGOs with varying staff sizes and operational scopes?

    'Where's My Staff' is designed to be scalable, accommodating NGOs of different sizes and operational scopes, allowing for seamless tracking of a few to several hundred employees​​

  • What kind of customer support does ‘Where’s My Staff’ offer to NGOs?

    Dedicated customer support is available to assist with any technical issues, onboarding processes, and ongoing operational support to ensure NGOs can maximize the benefits of the platform​​.