Eliminate Buddy Punching

Enhance Attendance Integrity with Where's My Staff
Beyond Biometrics

Transform your approach to attendance verification with “Where’s My Staff,” where we prioritize security without relying on biometric data. Our advanced solution employs QR codes, location verification, OTP (One-Time Password), and Anti-Fake GPS technologies to ensure that attendance records are not only accurate but also secure from fraudulent activities like buddy punching.

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Secure & Accurate Attendance
Multi-Factor Verification with "Where's My Staff?"

QR Code Verification

Employees check in and out by scanning QR codes placed at designated locations, ensuring physical presence at the worksite.

Location Verification

Utilize GPS tracking to confirm that employees are at the correct location when they mark their attendance, enhancing the accuracy of time logs.

One-Time Password (OTP)

For added security, employees receive an OTP on their device, which they must enter to complete the check-in process, verifying device possession.

Anti-Fake GPS Detection

Our sophisticated algorithms detect and prevent the use of fake GPS applications, ensuring that location data is genuine and reliable.

Boost Accountability, Cut Costs
Accurate Attendance Without Biometrics

Accurate Attendance Records

By combining QR, location, and OTP verifications, ensure that attendance data reflects actual employee presence, eliminating the possibility of buddy punching.

Increased Security and Privacy

Avoid the privacy concerns associated with biometric data collection by utilizing non-invasive, yet secure, methods of verification.

Enhanced Employee Accountability

Foster a responsible workplace culture where employees are present and accounted for, improving overall productivity.

Cost Efficiency

Minimize losses associated with inaccurate attendance tracking and fraudulent clock-ins, leading to more effective labor cost management.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our solution is designed to adapt to businesses of all sizes and can be scaled to meet your growing needs without the need for additional hardware.

"Where's My Staff" is easy to implement and user-friendly. Employees can quickly adapt to the new system with minimal training, thanks to intuitive app interfaces and straightforward processes. Deployment is seamless, allowing your organization to benefit from enhanced attendance verification without disrupting daily operations.

Secure and Simplify Your Attendance Verification Today
Embrace a future where attendance verification is not only secure but also respects privacy and encourages accountability. "Where's My Staff" is your partner in achieving accurate, fraud-free attendance records through innovative technology. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive solution or to schedule a demo, and take the first step towards revolutionizing your attendance management system.