My employees refuse to download the Employee app to their phones, claiming that it violates their privacy!

First and foremost, the Employee app complies fully with the Google Play Store and iOS App Store privacy policies; otherwise, the app will be removed from their respective app stores.

And, in order to comply with Google and Apple privacy terms, Where’s My Staff software underwent extensive testing and evaluation by Google and Apple support teams, as well as a contract with a European business specializing in privacy issues.

In reality, all data received from the Employee app is encrypted via a third-party service. As a result, only the admin account holder has access to this data.

To better understand how the Where’s My Staff Employee app complies and regulates employee privacy, you will notice that only the employee has the right to allow the admin to track him/her by clicking check-in and the right to prevent the admin from tracking him/her by clicking check-out, and that when the app starts tracking employee in any method (GPS or Real time), a push notification will appear in the employees mobile and will not disappear until he/she check-out & the app is closed and stop sending any data.

We place a great focus on employee privacy as well as industry norms.

PS: The Employee app does not have the capacity to change or access any information or data from the smartphone (such as taking screenshots, reading contacts, etc.).

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