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Show a flowchart of each employee's workday.

who works outside the company during specified periods of time , you may also request a report that displays and pinpoints your employees’ whereabouts during a specific period of time along with the time of arrival and leaving each location

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Show a flowchart of each employee's workday.

Monitor in real time your field teams' attendance and locations to get the benefits

Log Attendance and Work Hours

Where’s My Staff can log when staff members arrive at and leave their worksites


Track Employees and Field Staff

Where’s My Staff keeps track of where your employees are at any given time


Calculate Wages and Payrolls

Where’s My Staff will allow you to calculate salaries, overtime, deductions in a way that best suits you.


Gain Access to Useful Data and Reports

Where’s My Staff will turn all of the collected data into useful charts, maps and reports



Where's My Staff Time & Location Tracking

Where's My Field teams Delivery? Employees? Staff?


Create your company Account

Choose the appropriate plan for your business, record your company information, shifts, departments, and branches, the method of calculating working hours and additional hours, and add your employees.
Don't forget to print the QR code if you want to use it instead of the standard fingerprint scanner.


Verify Employees’ Accounts

Just click "Send the activation" button to send a text message for each employee containing a link to download the attendance app from store, and its activation code.


Start Using the App

Once the employee downloads the application on his phone and activates it, the software will be ready to start. All the employee must do is press the "Check-in/out" button. Employees will be able to view their detailed attendance history directly from the app


Make The Data works for you

The application will record all information and data in real time, and as a company manager, you will be able to use this data for the analysis, accounting, tracking and of course issuing salary reports.

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Can the admin track employees at anytime?

No, this application works only with the users’ consent. So, no tracking can be done without the user’s approval.

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Employees Privacy

Privacy is of crucial importance, so we took that into consideration when designing this application, whether the information was related to the company, the admins’ accounts, or even the employees and users. So, we assure and guarantee all users of “Where’s My Staff” that their information is confidential and coded on private servers, and no party, whether it’s the producing company or any judicial, civil, or security agency, can access the data unless it has the direct permission of the account’s owner. The employees and users of the application can rest assured that their information will be fully safe, and no one has the right to access it unless the user clicks on Check-in. The application will alarm the user that he/she are being tracked throughout the usage of the application when clicking on check in. The producing company has collaborated with a company named Iubenda, which specializes in formulating and establishing privacy policies on the Internet, to revise the applications’ permissions and those of the website of the application and establish a privacy policy for the application. For more info about “Where’s My Staff “Privacy Policy please click the link below

Privacy Policy

What is ""Where's My Staff" software?

Where’s My Staff is actually two systems in one application. The first system is an attendance recording application which works through NFC technology that’s already found in smart phones; and the second system is a location detector based on GPS technology and is used to locate the positions of employees who happen to work outside the company’s premises.

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How does "Where's My Staff" operate?

Control the attendance and working hours within the company where’s my staff Support tap nfc 1 where’s my staff Support tap nfc 1 In this very case, Where’s My Staff works through passing each smart phone onto the NFC tag placed inside the company upon arriving and upon leaving the company. This NFC tag is regarded as the company’s unique code where the employees can only register their attendance by passing their smart phones onto this tag. When the application captures the company's unique code, it will automatically save the date and time and send it to the administrator's account via the Internet. However, if the employee's mobile phone is not connected to the Internet, the data is safely saved—thanks to cloud storage, we can work anywhere and at any time—until it is later connected to the Internet, at which point it sends them to the administrator's account. The same process takes place if the smart phones used don’t support NFC technique, however instead of passing the mobile phones onto the tag you simply orient the phone’s camera to the QR code found on the tag. Control the attendance and working hours outside the company Where’s My Staff works in this case through the GPS technique where each employee swipes the “check-in” button in the application upon their arrival and then on “check-out” when they leave their location. Note: According to our privacy policy, employees can’t be tracked unless they approve it.

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