Create Employee Account for each person you want to track

Click on on the top left of the home page, a list of options will appear, then click on Employees.

You may add or edit or even deactivate the employees’ accounts, and issue activation codes for each and every employee. Watch video. This page is divided into two sections:
  1. New employee registration

  2. Employees registered formerly:
    • You will be able to activate the application on the employees’ phones by entering the activation code or just clicking on it. Subsequently, the code will appear as a QR photo. The employee have to click on the found at the end of the column, then you must scan QR to activate the application.
    • To edit any information about any employee: click on his/her image, and a list of full information (previously registered in category A) will appear before you, and then you may edit any information and click save.
    • To remove employees: click on found at the end of the employees’ list.