Just like the rest of the applications, “Where’s My Staff” requires some permissions from the employee’s phone in order for it to work properly. In the following, is a list of the permissions the application requires and the reason for requiring each:

Searching for accounts on the device
In order to activate the employee’s account
The precise location (related to the GPS)
In order to locate the position of the employee when turning GEO and QR features ON.Note: detecting the employee’s location can be done only upon their consent when they click on Check in. Consequently, the admin cannot track the employees without their consent.
To capture photos and videos
When using the application through QR, the application requires accessing the camera in order to capture the QR image. This image will not be saved whatsoever but will be analyzed to decode the QR code.
Receive Internet Data In order to activate the application and edit any data entered by the admin on the employee’s account.
The full access of the network In order to send the data saved on the application the admin’s account.
Display the connections of the network In order to ensure whether or not there is a connection with the network and based on this you’ll be able to edit some of the properties.
Control Near Field Communication In order to interact with the NFC tag attached in the location.
Never put the device on silent mode In order to alarm the employees and remind them to check out when leaving their work.
To use accounts on the device It is one of the most important permissions, in order to allow the application to use google maps to track the locations as well as access google’s services.