Control the attendance and working hours within the company

In this very case, Where’s My Staff works through passing each smart phone onto the NFC / QR tag placed inside the company upon arriving and upon leaving the company. This NFC/QR tag is regarded as the company’s unique code where the employees can only register their attendance by passing their smart phones onto this tag. As soon as the application captures the company’s unique code it will automatically save the date and the time, then sends these data to the admin’s account via Internet. Yet, if the employee’s mobile phone is not connected to the Internet, the data will be safely saved -thanks to cloud storage, we can work anywhere and anytime- until it is connected to the Internet later on and then it sends them to the admin’s account. The same process takes place if the smart phones used don’t support NFC technique, however instead of passing the mobile phones onto the tag you simply orient the phone’s camera to the QR code found on the tag

Control the attendance and working hours outside the company

Where’s My Staff works in this case through the GPS technique where each employee swipes the “check-in” button in the application upon their arrival and then on “check-out” when they leave their location.

Note: According to our privacy policy, employees can’t be tracked unless they approve it.