Privacy is of crucial importance so we took that into consideration when designing this application, whether the information was related to the company or the admins’ accounts or even the employees and users. So, we assure and guarantee all users of “Where’s My Staff” that their information are confidential and coded on private servers and no party, whether it’s the producing company or any judicial, civil, security, can access the data unless it has the direct permission of the account’s owner.
The employees and users of the application can rest assured that their information will be fully safe and no one has the rights to access it unless the user clicks on Check-in. The application will alarm the user that he/she are being tracked throughout the usage of the application when clicking on check in.
The producing company has collaborated with a company named Iubenda specialized in formulating and establishing privacy policies on the Internet to revise the applications’ permissions and that of the website of the application and establish a privacy policy to the application.
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