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Time & Location Tracking Software LIFETIME DEAL. Is it a good or a bad deal?

The “Lifetime Deal” market for specialized SaaS has been one of the most rapidly developing and successful in recent years, with the rate of “Lifetime Deals” transactions during the Corona era increasing by more than 200%. Of course, tools & SaaS like time management software, and employee tracking and time & Location tracking for field employees played a significant role in this rise.

Given this significant shift in customer behavior, several SaaS companies of various sizes throughout the world have begun giving lifetime discounts for their SaaS for a variety of objectives, including marketing, finance, and so on.

So, what exactly does “lifetime contract” imply?

Have you ever considered being able to use a software for the rest of your life and only having to pay once instead of monthly or yearly? That is the situation with lifetime deals. Lifetime deals provide several advantages to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Lifetime deals are a marketing approach that helps businesses to attract and acquire costumers by allowing them to buy software and tools at a far lower cost than paying monthly subscription. The purpose of lifetime deals is to build brand awareness.

Taking advantage of lifetime deals is one of the finest ways and choices for your business to save money since it will save you a lot of money and allow you to supply your business with all of the resources, tools, and software it need to run smoothly. If you have a limited budget for your business or want to avoid the inconvenience of monthly or recurring payments for your SaaS and tools lifetime deals are the adequate solution for you.

Why are lifetime deals so attractive?

First and foremost, it provides you with competitive and promotional pricing. As previously stated, lifetime deals are considered a marketing strategy, and as such, companies seek to win new customers in new markets at a low cost of acquisition / advertising, so they offer customers lifetime deals with great discounts and incentives, as they may reduce the cost of advertisements and the cost of monthly or periodic renewal of subscriptions.

Second, the policy of refunding and returning enables the purchaser of the lifetime deal a period of 60 days to recover his money and return the service or SaaS if it does not meet his goals and demands.

If indeed the buyer receives a beneficial deal, either in terms of pricing or after-sales service! This is great for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Since 2016, the Where’s My Staff SaaS and employee tracking app has been one of the good and trustworthy administrative tools, allowing companies to track the locations and shifts of their employees, whether in the field or in offices, for administrative, operational, and quality control purposes.

The Where’s My Staff SaaS subscription is monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions, with plan rates varying depending on the number of employees and tracking methods need to be recorded.

Because we are looking to expand in a number of countries, especially the Arab market in general and the Gulf in specific. And because there is a large gap of competition in the time & location tracking for employees industry in the region. We worked with PitchGround, one of the most well-known companies in the world, to manage and run our lifetime deal campaign and procedure.

Under this cooperation, our Time & Location SaaS has become available for purchase with a “lifetime deal” through our partner PitchGround at a price of $145, paid once and for life.

Why PitchGround?

When you work with a worldwide partner who specializes in executing “lifetime deals” for SaaS, your software, after-sales service, technical support, and price must be of the highest quality.

Of course, before committing to a “lifetime deals” selling partner PitchGround evaluates the SaaS and examines and reviews all of your technical support channels, and they are ultimately the only one who supervise the fulfillment of deals, refunds, and disputes between the vendor (us) and the customer.

As a result, after passing PitchGround’s tests (PS. PitchGround raking the second top lifetime deal site worldwide), we signed a contract in the hopes of reaching the required segment and providing a tool and SaaS to track employees’ times/schedule and locations that meet the aspirations of the target markets at very reasonable prices.

Is choosing Where’s My Staff for a lifetime a fair value for you?

That is totally up to you! If you are looking for an innovative and easy-to-use administrative tool to track the time and locations of your employees through an application that is downloaded to their phones, and you also want to save money while ensuring distinguished technical support and sales support, with the option of refunding money if you do not like the program, then this deal is ideal for you.

However, if you are unconcerned about the cost and do not want to commit to one SaaS for the rest of your life, this deal is not for you. Instead, we recommend that you try the program for 14 days and then pick one of the available monthly subscription plans.


What exactly is the Where’s My Staff software?

It is an easy-to-use and implement administrative tool that aim is to assist businesses in improving the level and quality of their services and operations by tracking their employees, whether working within the company or in the field (who work in several locations outside the company such as on client sites or distribution)

Who are PitchGournd?

A pioneering American company in the field of managing and offering “lifetime deals” for SaaS, ranking second in the world among the most powerful companies in this field.

What are the Where’s My Staff lifetime special offers?

We currently have two offers:
Lifetime subscription for up to 5 employees for life One-time payment of $145
Lifetime subscription for up to 10 employees for life One-time payment of $245
For further information, please visit this page.

Where and how can I get a lifetime license for the software?

From the PitchGround website exclusively, you choose the deal (5 employees or 10) and pay, all of this through the PitchGround website
If you wish to return the SaaS & refund your money you can do so using the same website.

I have more than ten workers; is there a lifetime deal that I can take advantage of?

Yes, you may buy two or more deals based on your needs and contact us to merge them into one account, after which you will be able to track the time and location of employees for the number you choose.

Can I return this program and get my money back if it does not meet the requirements of my work?

Yes, you have the option to return the SaaS and receive your money back within 60 days of purchasing it. It is worth noting that all activities are handled through our partner PitchGround, which ensures more transparency and timeliness in recovery and return transactions.

Is the purchase of a lifetime deal for the software permanently available?

No, Where’s My Staff lifetime deal offer duration is three months, ending on March 14, 2023.