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RFID Attendance Systems

Attendance is one of the crucial factors in any organization. It is a form of management that holds the company together. Traditional methods of attendance have failed to address many aspects of the attendance process, starting with the time it consumes to the high costs to the errors and manipulation issues. With such a technological advance we’re witnessing nowadays, an RFID attendance system has emerged. This system is to be used in every industry to facilitate the processes. The system utilizes an RFID tag & an RFID reader to take attendance of employees or students.

In order to fully understand the concept of RFID, one must understand what an RFID attendance system is & be fully aware of the different components it consists of.

An RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is an automatic identification process used to transfer data between RFID tags and an RFID reader by the use of electromagnetic fields. Typically, an RFID tag bears data related to people, animals, books, etc. There are different kinds of tags (passive or active) and each has its different read range however, all of which doesn’t require a direct line of sight to be read. The tag comprises a copper string which serves as an antenna.

RFID attendance system comprises an RFID tag, an RFID reader, display screen & a micro-controller unit. When the tag is placed near the reader, the data is transmitted by the means of electromagnetic waves to the reader & the reader transmits is in return to the microcontroller where it is compared with the data found in the database to take & store the attendance.

An RFID attendance system, registers the time of arrivals & departure of employees and students and how much time they’ve spent at a certain location.

The conventional/manual attendance systems are costly, time consuming & inaccurate. An automated RFID  attendance system eliminates all of the mentioned issues.

RFID tags serves as the attendance card for each employee, NFC is a subset of high frequency RFID technology. Where’s My Staff is not an RFID attendance system but an NFC attendance system which is a feature found in most smart phones. Employees & students can register their attendance by tapping their smart phones onto a tag attached on the walls inside the company. An RFID attendance system enables managers to preview who came to work & who is absent along with the time or arrival & departure of each and every employee. With an RFID attendance system managers can also track employees who work outside the company & track the time they’ve spent at each client’s.

This NFC or RFID attendance system can be used in all industries without exception from production industries to schools & universities to retail industries etc.

Indeed the advantages of such an automated system are countless, some of which are:

  1. They system completely eliminates human errors & frauds (time-theft & manipulation)
  2. Reduces cost of expensive attendance machines & the regular costs of maintenance
  3. Saves time and money
  4. Provides ultimate transparency
  5. Increase accuracy
  6. Reduces paperwork since it is a cloud based application
  7. Provides a real-time tracking for external employees
  8. Enhances visibility
  9. Automates payroll calculation
  10. Generates several types of structured & detailed reports
  11. Increases security

In essence, NFC or RFID attendance system applications are revolutionizing the business world & the way they are dealing with the processes. Integrating an automated attendance system is crucial to ensure any organization’s success. In such a hectic environment, the need of an automated attendance system is on the rise due to the fact that technology is taking over our world. Keeping up with the rapid pace in which technology is growing, is the key for substantial savings and ultimate success.

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