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Pikasso Lebanon use NFC in their ads in Beirut

Pikasso is the leading Out-of-Home advertising company in Lebanon, Beirut since 1986. Today, Pikasso is the main out of home operator in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia and Mali. Being a reputable advertising company, quality and innovation is at very essence of Pikasso’s ads to meet the client’s needs. Pikasso have always sought innovative ways to get messages delivered (Billboards, Large Format, Digital, Malls and Transport and Targeted advertising etc.) keeping in mind the fact that they need to reach a wide base of audience. Pikasso focus on conveying messages through the most creative technologies. One of the recent technologies that Pikasso have been using lately in malls is something called “The Mobile Bridge” which is an interactive mobile service, enabling brands to extend their communication and to connect with their consumers within Mall’s environment through NFC and QR code technologies.

NFC or near field communication technology was originally developed in the late 1800’s when Thomas Edison was experimenting with radio. Its roots goes back to radio-frequency identification (RFID). NFC can be defined as a short-range wireless communication technology. NFC began in the early 1980s and is regarded the natural evolution of radio frequency identification or RFID. NFC technology enables the user to send radio information to a receiver in order to be identified for tracking purposes and for security.

Pikasso deployed 11 Backlits Scrollers 2mSigns and 34 Backlits 2mDisplays. The 2m2 and 70” Digital Screens are equipped with mTAGs offering NFC and QR Code technologies.



where-is-my-staff-NFC nfc Pikasso Lebanon use NFC in their ads in Beirut 2016 03 02 13h08 09


Photo: http://www.pikasso.com/MENA/en/News/Press-Releases/144-Pikasso-Partners-with-Blue-Bite-for-the-launching-of-the-Mobile-Bridge&year=

Pikasso signed a partnership with Blue Bite, the American leading mobile-marketing solutions provider to launch the mobile bridge. This first of its kind mobile rollout in the region will extend the impact of brand campaigns with unique mobile experiences for consumers.

This innovative Pikasso service enables flexibility, real time control and solutions-focused to advisers. It is an opportunity to increase advertiser’s exposure and to reach younger consumers. The purpose of the Mobile Bridge, as Antonio Vincenti, the CEO and chairman of Pikasso have stated, is to connect with the generation that’s constantly surrounded with screens and technologies and to support advertisers’ sales while being entertaining at a very affordable cost.

NFC_where-is-my-staff nfc Pikasso Lebanon use NFC in their ads in Beirut Mobile Bridge Pikasso NFC QR Code Blue Bite


Photo: http://www.pikasso.com/MENA/en/News/Press-Releases/144-Pikasso-Partners-with-Blue-Bite-for-the-launching-of-the-Mobile-Bridge&year=

Pikasso is launching this state of the art technology in malls, gyms and urban furniture in Lebanon, Jordan and Algeria. The Mobile Bridge will be able to draw on new segments whilst expanding Out of home advertising beyond its traditional channels. It is an interactive mobile solution directly connecting consumers with brands.

As you may see, the ubiquitous influence of NFC is remarkable as it is going beyond expectations where it’s being used within our daily activities no matter how trivial. Its importance as a solid form of communicating with customers is especially manifested in marketing. Pikasso have taken advantage of the opportunity and took their marketing strategy to the next level.

Today, NFC is used for many purposes including marketing. NFC by far has defeated all other methods of communication and the best is yet to come.



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