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The Payroll Ghost

Do you recall how irritating it was to calculate payrolls of each and every employee? I mean the whole process is so exhausting and to top all of that, there might be calculation errors. Imagine spending all day long performing payroll calculations to be surprised at the end of the day that there are mistakes. What a bummer! If I were you, I wouldn’t bother to do it again, once was more than enough. I’d hire a professional to complete the task for me even if it costs me a heart & a kidney to be honest. But it won’t cost me my heart nor my kidney. And I’ll tell you why. There are some angels that heavens send just to make our lives easier.

These angels take the form of web designers. And precisely in a place named Tragging. Angels from Tragging have developed an application to get rid of many issues that occur in the organization & payroll calculation happens to be just one of them.

As you may know, organizations suffer from countless issues on a daily basis. The issues that this application tackles are:

  1. Attendance issues
  2. External staff issues
  3. Payroll issues

Let’s dissect into each one of them. Attendance is a very common issue in businesses. Managers suffer the most out of it since attendance is the backbone of the organization. Without it, organizations die. Old time’s attendance techniques are vanishing slowly & are being replaced by new innovative techniques given the technological progression.

Old time’s attendance techniques are conventional attendance machines, spreadsheets or the journal. Of course all of which are outdated. And had a lot of challenges included. Time theft, buddy punching, lost records etc.

With this application, it all goes down the drain. As it substitutes everything related to attendance & simplifies the process in addition to eliminating all of the above problems.

This application enables the tracking of external employees to make sure that employees are in the right location at the right time. This tracking feature functions through the GPS technique that build in the smart phone. Oh, I haven’t told you yet, this application works through the employees’ smart phones using the NFC feature on Android and QR on Apple devices.

Finally, and most importantly payroll calculations. This application rapidly and accurately calculates employees’ payroll and in no time. So instead of spending long hours calculating payroll of hundreds of employees with the high possibility of having miscalculations, or instead of paying a substantial sum of money for a professional accountant to do the task which could also take a lot of time and doesn’t completely eliminate the chances of error, after all, to err is human, you could simply use this phenomenal application to do the calculation.

It’s just like having a ghost performing all your enduring processes and payroll calculations in a blink of an eye. Practically, it’s all a manager needs in his organization. Get your ghost now.




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