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Multi Branches Attendance

Do you know how hard it is to raise a baby? Well, imagine having twins.. No, quadruplets! It seems like mission impossible to have to deal with all four of them at the same time. Feeding them, bathing them, changing their diapers, playing with them while all they do is cry their eye balls out. It’s exhausting, to say the least. Perhaps if your mom or mother-in-law was there to help you, things would be much easier and simpler to handle. The same goes if you have more than a branch to your company. Managing everything, from A to Z in all the branches is almost impossible. You definitely need someone in there to help you through. And what’s better than a complete management system? When talking about companies, no matter what sector it is, the whole point of establishing a business is to hire some reliable people to perform the different tasks and make sure that everything is executed perfectly to achieve success. None of this could happen without the employees’ attendance. Basically, attendance is the essence of any organization.



When having multiple branches, it’s recommended that you integrate or deploy a tool that would be a game changer for your organization. From there, starts the quest for finding the best management system out there. But let me save you the trouble, and tell you about the perfect attendance system.




Usually, when having multiple branches to a company, a manager needs several attendance systems to maintain the records which is very costly. Mind you, this is only one part of the management system, another systems should be integrated to track and follow up with external staff. So, why bother with purchasing multiple systems at multiple branches & the accompanying troubles of maintenance, frauds, buddy punching, time-theft etc.

One application can be the absolute alternative for a set of systems, which is tiny (doesn’t take up any space in the company), doesn’t require any wiring or installation processes, and most important of all: extremely affordable.

This employee attendance system is an application that enables the tracking of internal employee by registering their attendance through the NFC or QR technology that’s already found in all smart phones, turning each employee’s smart phone into a unique identification card. It also enables the tracking of external employees through the GPS technique also found in all smart phones. What’s even more compelling about this attendance system is that it also calculates the salaries of each employee taking into consideration the working hours & the overtime hours.

Attendance of all employees in different branches can be monitored by the manager from one place. All that needs to be done is attach an NFC tag inside each company’s branch and that’s it. Employees will then have to use their smart phones, to check-in and register their attendance, this is for Android users. As for Apple users, where the NFC feature still doesn’t support reading NFC tags, the system automatically switches to QR system. iPhone users will be able to scan the QR code through their iPhone’s camera to register their attendance. The employees who work outside the company will be tracked (upon their consent) using the GPS technique.

In essence, instead of paying a substantial sum of money on many attendance systems for different branches, you can have a tiny NFC tag (1mm thickness, could be rectangular of 8.5cm X 5.4cm or rectangular 4.25cm X 2.7cm or circular of diameter 2.5cm) attached inside of the company for attendance management purposes. This is the new era of management, and its shaping the whole way of attendance as well.

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