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How Employee Tracking System Improves Services Quality

When talking about business, customer satisfaction is a key component in its success. The products & services quality  are the triggers in which they could positively or negatively affect customers’ satisfaction. Usually, customers look for an exquisite experience whenever they purchase a product or a service, this “exquisite experience” is referred to as “services quality”.Indeed, everyone is involved in the process of improving the services quality, starting with the employees and ending with the CEO. Therefore, everyone in the company is responsible & should be committed to improve the services quality on a daily basis. So, how can employee tracking system improve quality?

First of all, services quality is a team work, MEANING EVERYONE IS INVOLVED. A company’s commitment to quality has to come from within the company itself & be reinforced over & over. One has to bear in mind that in order to keep the quality standards at its best, there should be some sort of control. Mistakes should be addressed & issues should be resolved. Of course, the managing & controlling process is rather difficult without the help of certain related tools. One of the tools that could help manager better monitor their employees to ensure excellent services quality is to integrate a tracking system.

Indeed, the thought of “monitoring” employees doesn’t sound well as it implies that the company doesn’t trust its employees, however, it has other dimensions to it where some advantages benefits the employees themselves. With a monitoring and tracking system, managers will be informed about everything at anytime.

An employee tracking system grants managers the opportunity to watch for mistakes & errors occurring during the labor time. In this way, it is easier to directly confront the employees & asses their performance. Furthermore, employees could learn from their mistakes & try to improve themselves to avoid such mistakes in the future.

Moreover, when employees learn that their activities are monitored, it urges them to show off their capabilities as it becomes easy to be recognized with an employee tracking system. Employees become very fond of being acknowledged for their strengths & skills. When managers acknowledge employees’ efforts, their relationship will inevitably be enhanced & it will promote a trust culture within the organization. When employees get that the employee tracking system doesn’t just revolve around the “lack of trust” & doubting their integrity, they’ll become more appreciative of the whole tracking system idea. Indeed, dishonest employees will be facing disciplinary actions when they violate the company’s rules.

In addition, monitoring how employees are spending time & what task they’re performing, helps managers realize how increase productivity. The awareness of employees as well, is reflected in an increased productivity. Furthermore, tracking employees enables manager to address problems swiftly which again boosts productivity due to the fact that time is saved when quickly handling the emergency.

When employees depend solely on their memories to bill clients, chances are there will be errors and will affect the bottom line and the reputation of the company as a whole. However, with an employee tracking system, the manager will be able to correctly bill the client according to the records the manager has in his hands.

Furthermore, an employee tracking system enables managers to measure the employees output & sees if the right employees are assigned to the right job. With a reliable employee tracking system, managers can perfectly assess & evaluate employees’ performance. This is best reflected when there are external employees who fail to provide an adequate feedback to the management. Employee tracking system enables managers to obtain a precise feedback on each employee’s activities which results in an enhanced performance.

Similarly, with an employee tracking system, managers can track time proposed for each task & see whether or not they are delivering on time and as scheduled & prevent delay, which in turn increases overall efficiency. Tracking employees’ activities help managers apprehend which business processes are working fine & which are not and needs fixing.
An employee tracking system enables a more transparent quality controlling & monitoring process. An employee tracking system allows managers to track their employees to ensure that they are performing their jobs to the fullest potential. For example, for in-home services, it is crucial to have a tracking system to guarantee that the employees are arriving on time & are actually spending the entire time they’re supposed to spend at the client’s place & not anywhere else.

This of course has many advantages on many aspects. It facilitates the workflow in the company where employers are sure of the whereabouts of the employees. Furthermore, it streamlines the business’s procedures & process in a way that increases the productivity & efficiency.

With an employee tracking system, managers will be able to organize tasks-assigning as they will know the exact time needed for each task, which in this way, employees will not be overloaded with tasks that they cannot handle.

In cases of complaints, employers will be able to know whose fault it is exactly. Everything is recorded where the employer can preview the activity log & the time spend at each client. Employee tracking systems eliminates the “doubt” factor; no one will be able to point fingers at anyone thus eliminating the “blaming culture”.

According to a recent study, 20% of small business are willing to invest in tools to improve employee productivity that would push them to penetrate new markets and attract more customers.

While 75% of workers admitted to “time theft”, it became rather crucial to implement a system that would deter this issue. Employees can take lunch breaks longer than they’re supposed to or even check-in instead of a late or absent friend known as “buddy punching” which leads to a substantial money loss. A reliable automated employee tracking system prevents time theft ensuring that money will be saved which will reflect in more productivity and enhanced efficiency.

To err is human especially when it comes to payroll calculation. Even the most professional typist are ought to commit a mistake at least once in awhile. A single typing error could affect the bottom line in a negative way. Tragging’s Where’s My Staff for example, enables managers to save money by spending less time on calculating employees’ payroll. With where’s my staff, companies can reduce their time on calculating payroll by 70%. Employees & manager can concentrate on running the business instead of having additional tasks.

An automated employee tracking system, obviates the need for paperwork & the burdens that comes along with it form sorting, organizing, processing that is time consuming. It helps create a huge database that can be easily accessed at anytime.

The disadvantages of depending on traditional employee tracking system are countless, starting with money & time losses to unorganized business processes etc. Rather than staying in the past, embrace the future by integrating an employee tracking system & enjoy the countless advantages of the system.

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