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GPS Makes You Better in Bed

Imagine yourself some time prior to the technological tsunami. You decide to go on a romantic road trip with your girlfriend to spend some time alone. You hit the road on that perfect afternoon with “Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf in your yellow 1965 convertible mustang and enjoying the little moments (they aren’t so little to be honest). Finding the right position has always been tricky and overwhelming. So, you pull over somewhere next to the woods as you get closer and closer to your girlfriend and start searching for the “position”. You try so many ways, turning upside down. May be turning just a bit to the left or to the right. May be trying from behind would do. Yeah, that’s it. Wait a minute. Nope, no, that’s definitely not it! As it gets darker and darker, you finally realize that the map isn’t going to help much and you’re eventually lost. You did know that I was talking about the map right?! Right. You dirty minded freak. Stuck in between “what have I done?” and “it’ll be so much fun!” It WAS fun.. until it got really dark and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and for some kind of reason you start hearing spooky noises. I bet this is no fun at all. You start imagining all these clowns hiding behind the trees waiting for the right time to attack. Hmmmm.. “what a freaking trip!” you’d say to yourself. In fact, back in the day, before technology and the social media rush, we wouldn’t have known about these clowns to begin with so, half of the scenario isn’t really applicable. Going back to the point, knowing directions was somewhat troublesome as there were nothing to rely to get directions. People, when lost, they’d typically ask other people on the way for directions which eventually lead to a totally different destinations due to the simple fact that they couldn’t describe properly. But now, with all the technological rush we’re witnessing, this issue no longer exists due to the GPS.

Although, GPS did exist for military purposes somewhat between 1950’s and 1960’s, it wasn’t until 1983 that it started being dealt with among the public. Recognizing the need for a more advanced form of navigation, the U.S. Department of Defense produced the first GPS with 24 satellites, bringing the project operational by the 1990’s. Through extensive efforts in the early 2000’s, this technology has surfaced as the  predecessor of day-to-day navigation. Today, GPS are ubiquitous, found in everything from cell phones to car navigation system. The technology progress and reasonable prices made it accessible for everyone to own a GPS device.

GPS has impacted every aspect of our lives from getting precise directions to tracking products to locating targets and the list goes on and on and on. From a business perspective, it has helped our business world thrive a little more by making tracking much easier for both business and governmental agencies using wireless communications. Companies are turning to the GPS to gather accurate and useful geographic information crucial to enhancing their market edge. Companies can make sure that they are not being charged more for inefficient shipping processes, and customers can see exactly when they can anticipate their products being delivered. Customers can see when there are delays or issues that may affect their package delivery, so they can plan accordingly and circumvent issues. KFC uses GPS to analyze their competition and decide where to build new restaurants; the Pacific Gas & 3 Electric Company uses it to map down gas lines; and Boston’s ambulances uses GPS mapping to cut their response time to 911 calls in half. Some GPS receivers have been incorporated into mobile radios, smart phones and mobile data terminals to meet the needs of vehicle fleet managers. As for the airport businesses, an airline company can find the shortest path to a destination. In other words, less fuel is used, more flights are conducted, and finally with short flights more satisfied customers. Thus, this technology increased profit overall.. At sea, GPS receivers are used to supply sailors with real-time latitude, longitude, time, course and speed information, and assist with coast-line and harbor navigation. There are some fishing industries that use the GPS to locate huge amount of fish. Meteorologists are also using it to get a better precise reading of the climate. Once again, it provides a more efficient and profitable business, while at the same time creating satisfied customers.

In terms of society, it has altered the way people live and communicate with each other. GPS has added an element to our lives that has made our environment a safer and easier place to live. Parents nowadays, use GPS to find and keep track of their children.



It is installed in cars to help people in mapping and finding directions through a voice activated assistant. Drivers can also locate gas stations, hospitals, and other important destinations easily. Nevertheless, GPS technology is currently used to locate and keep track of dangerous criminals, helping police departments to serveil escaped or missing dangerous offenders.  GPS technology implemented in smart phones or cars makes it easier to call for help given the fact that emergency teams know exactly where you are. Another feature of GPS includes backtracking. For example, you can save the location of your car while you wander through the woods. Once you’re done, you can find the location of you and your car through the GPS unit. This feature is extremely valuable because it can direct rescuers to the scene of a disaster. Moreover, when it comes to our pets’ safety we take it one step further to keep them sound and safe. GPS devices planted on pets’ collars can easily assist you track your pets whether they’re lost or stolen.

In addition, GPS is widely used in the military as it guides missiles to their targets. The country can track enemy’s army and our very own using the satellites and one can get the upper hand. There are many uses the military is taking advantage of the GPS and in the future, there will be more. It has also led to fun innovations. Geo caching which is a game stimulating players to hide an object for another person to find using GPS.

Indeed, when technology falls into the wrong hands, bad things ought to happen. GPS is no exception. Drug dealers, for example, use it to transport their inventory. Mishandling of the GPS unit goes beyond just smuggling illegal substances. Stalking, is another serious issue. A stalker could simply affix a GPS to a concealed spot in the victim’s car. A stalker could then know the victim’s location at all times. These are merely some of the things that GPS has impact our society and everyday lives. As it’s been said “Technology Changes Everything Essentially”, GPS technology changed society both positively and negatively.

GPS has many uses such as military, agricultural, industrial and technological. It can be used to find places, locate people, and can even be used to forecast the weather. It is so beneficial to society; however, it invades privacy. Like any other technology, the system is far from being perfect. It can track and locate anyone because of the built-in GPS on our smart phones. It seems that GPS is progressing even further that in the future it will be everywhere and embedded in even smaller items.

It is very obvious that without the invention of GPS, human technology as we know it, would not have been so easy and reliable. This is only as there is no other technology which is as reliable, accurate and cheap like that of GPS.

In today’s society, computers have been a major ground breaking invention in our lives. With the technological rush, humans are now able to complete more tasks within less time and less energy. This is why we see computers invading every corner of our lives. The computers which are available and being used in transportation, without the GPS satellites feed the on-board computers will not be able to direct you through or even avoid an accident.

GPS has become a crucial part of our society, impacting our lives in many ways. The vast range of applications of this technology has an impact on many aspects of society.  With many affordable models to satisfy everyone’s preferences and budgets, now is the ideal time to learn more about GPS technologies. I guarantee that one day we will take all of this for granted just like we do now with the Internet and smart phones. The secret is to sink in, without debilitating yourself with the vast amount of choices in the GPS market, and enjoy some truly astonishing technology.

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