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What Everyone Must Know About Fleet Management Systems!

Today, due to the swift growth of population all around the world, and the eruption of industrialization, people’s lifestyle has drastically changed. The increase in incomes has raised the standards of living which led to an increase in the people’s purchasing power enabling them to buy more things given that they can actually afford them. Cars purchases are increasing by the minute and that’s because one household is purchasing more than one car. So, domestic sector already has so many cars, what about industries?!! Can you imagine that?! So, in order to have streamlined processes there must be some sort of fleet management system to help organizations handle and deal with numerous vehicles. In brief, fleet management system is a vehicle tracking system that comprises of an electronic device installed in vehicles connected to specific software to enable owners to track the vehicle’s location and collect relevant information.

Fleet management in itself, means the management of companies’ vehicles fleet which includes vehicle financing, maintenance, tracking, speed management, fuel management etc. Basically, there are two types of fleet management system, they are:

  1. Offline fleet management system: the installed tracking device in the vehicle records data and the data is processed & evaluated later on.
  2. Online fleet management system: the installed tracking device is connected to an online computer server where the information are gathered in real-time and immediately evaluated over the Internet.

A Fleet management system is a GPS based system due to the fact that GPS is the most reliable and most widely tool used. With GPS fleet management system, it is easy to track the vehicle and traffic jam, help choose the path with the least traffic, detect speed of the vehicle and it grants the ability to alarm the driver in cases of accidents.

Indeed, a good and reliable fleet management system benefits both the manager and the drivers of the vehicles. But some drivers think of fleet management system as a mere tracking system that conveys a lack of trust and doesn’t consider any of their best interests whatsoever. However, that’s not quite the case. Actually, a fleet management system should be considered as the drivers’ best mate because it benefits them as much as it does for managers. From a safety and maintenance perspective to fairness and accountability, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Some of the advantages are:

  1. The driver wouldn’t have to worry about the vehicle’s reliability as the fleet management system will be able to diagnose any malfunction and notify managers.
  2. The driver could be easily tracked in case of an emergency with the help of the GPS.
  3. It can be used as an evidence and proof in case of allegations.
  4. It enables mangers to locate all the vehicles in real-time.
  5. It enables manager to avoid the traffic by choosing the shortest path consequently saving fuel and valuable time at the same time and ensuring that goods are delivered on time.
  6. It enables managers detect theft or illegal use.
  7. It enables mangers to keep the record of vehicles and the profile of the driver, which can be used in cases of litigation.
  8. It enables mangers to keep an eye on goods that are being transferred.
  9. It saves time and money and increase productivity as well.

When managers integrate a fleet management system they will be able to coordinate the process of all the vehicles of the organization, reduce costs (fuel management), be updated with the maintenance schedule etc. There are countless fleet management systems in the market and all of which grant managers the above advantages and the desired results.

So if you have a business that involves transportation (or many vehicles), then you should probably consider integrating a GPS fleet management system to guarantee that the vehicles are in good status, and the drivers are performing their jobs properly.

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