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Fleet Management System vs. Employee Management System

In such a hectic environment, which is exposed to rapid changes, being productive and efficient in a way that keeps pace with the technological advancements is rather hard. Our world, being invaded by so much technology will drive us, in my humble opinion, to say hello to singularity pretty soon, and earlier than expected. But as much as we‘d like to consider technology as the “villain” of our current days, still it has good to it and the positive impacts its causing is simplifying people’s life to a great extent. In business, technology is the cornerstone for success. We can clearly notice that most of the companies are shifting their attention to acquiring the most innovative technologies to gain a competitive advantage and set themselves apart from the other competitors. Many companies nowadays, especially those involved in transportation and shipping or even companies that provide any sorts of services are seeking a fleet management system and/or employee management system. Unfortunately, most of these companies are not very well aware of the difference between the two systems. Here lies the problem. Let me tell you the difference between a fleet management system and the employee management system.

To begin with, a fleet management system is a broad term that is quite hard to be defined however, I’ll try to convey its essence in the easiest way possible.  Fleet management system is a vehicle tracking system that comprises of an electronic device installed in vehicles connected to specific software to enable owners to track the vehicle’s location and collect relevant information.

Fleet management in itself, means the management of companies’ vehicles which includes vehicle financing, maintenance, tracking, speed management, fuel management etc. Basically, there are two types on fleet management system, they are:

  1. Offline fleet management system: the installed tracking device in the vehicle records data and the data is processed & evaluated later on.
  2. Online fleet management system: the installed tracking device is connected to an online computer server where the information are gathered in real-time and immediately evaluated over the Internet.

Usually organizations integrate a fleet management system to streamline processes and to help organizations well handle and deal with their numerous vehicles.

On the other hand, employee management system is an information system for managing the staff data within an organization for a different set of reasons some of which are to: enhance efficiency, elevate performance levels, reduce costs and errors, generate more profits etc.

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It’s noteworthy that these two systems are not interchangeable, as each one of them has a different purpose and cannot serve as the other. While fleet management system is a system that merely monitors and controls the vehicles’ whereabouts and statuses, it cannot monitor the employee driving the vehicle. A fleet management system requires the presence of a tracking device attached to the vehicles and not the employees, so there is no proof that the employees are actually performing their duties, as they can park the car at the intended place and fool around elsewhere. However, with the employee management system, the employees themselves are tracked to ensure that they are fully and perfectly performing their jobs.

In order to meet the requirements of the organization, the organization’s management has to be fully aware and understand their needs before integrating a fleet management or employee management system. understanding their needs will help them choose the right and most suitable system that would ensure their success and help them reduce costs at the same time.


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