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Can I Emulate Fingerprints on Attendance Systems?

First of all, truth must be said. We as humans are compelled to go against the odds, to break the rules and to disobey the regulations. If you ask me why? I’d probably tell you “because that’s how human beings are”. That’s how typically they behave. So, instead of speaking straightforwardly that they are suffocating when they’re cornered, they seek twisted ways to get out of the situation. CUTURAL-PROBLEMS! Indeed, it’s unethical but people do it anyway. Which brings me to employees who are always defying the internal systems of their company. In the twenty first century, attendance systems have morphed into new shapes and techniques changing the whole way things are handled in organizations and this is merely due to the technological leap within the few years. What used to be manual and protracting is now automatic and is easily done in no time AND without error and effort.

Given the human nature, who are always keen to try out new things especially when it comes to technology, and the fact that they get bored of it pretty soon takes me to the topic of this article. As you may know, most companies nowadays are using biometric attendance systems thinking that these are the only and most secure systems on the planet. Although, it’s not the case, as there are much more advanced attendance systems that have emerged within the couple of years, it’s not what I’m going to discuss with you today. The aim of this article however, is to indicate the methods of tampering these biometric attendance systems. Indeed, some are harder than others, but generally not impossible to crack the code. It’s not like it is rocket science!

Since the 20th century, biometric revolution has been a great achievement added to us in modern science. Fingerprint attendance system is also an integral part of this revolution. Perhaps the most integrated biometric attendance systems in companies would be the finger punching machine. The finger punching attendance systems analyze several fingerprint patterns for matching purpose. Technically, finger punching attendance systems comprise a sensor which is used to capture digital reflection of fingerprint which is called “live scan”.


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They whole way of functioning is that the machine captures the employees’ fingerprints and then saves them in the system and upon scanning the fingerprint for attendance, the system basically matches the image with the previously enrolled fingerprint templates. And this is how the attendance is registered.

And here comes the talents! Everyone trying to beat the attendance systems. Different ways and different techniques emerged proving once again the evil human brain and its capabilities.

This can be conveyed in what so called buddy punching. So for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, it is when an employee checks in for another employee in case they’re late or something, or didn’t even show up for work. This of course, is unethical & is considered time theft.

Forging a fingerprint on attendance systems could be done through several ways and the difficulty varies from one to another.

There is this way I like to call “The Dirty Tape”. “The Dirty Tape” as it’s obvious from the name, involves a tape. Not the one you use to record explicit material on, no, I mean the duct tape. This is very easily done. The employee could place his/her fingerprint on a clean piece of duct tape where then the tape could be placed over the scanner of the finger punching attendance systems. When the finger punching attendance system scan the transparent tape, it will only detect the fingerprint stuck to it thus attendance is verified.

Another way of tampering finger punching attendance systems will be using a piece of modeling clay, the person can stick his thumb in it and then place the piece of clay in the freezer. After making sure the clay is hard & solid, pour in a small amount of gelatin & then again put in the freezer. Take it off, and pull off the gelatin from the clay. You will be able to stick this elastic piece on your thumb to check in.

These are the ways that I know of, indeed, there are many ways to tamper biometric finger punching attendance systems & I’m not here to teach you how to do so I’m just indicating how. Doing any of this will cause you troubles & serious actions will be taken in your regards that might lead to permanent termination. So you might stick to the rules and abide with the regulation to maintain a clean record. As for employers, you can just use an alternative for biometric attendance systems where data are impossible to be forged like Where’s My Staff for example. It is an attendance and time tracking system developed by Tragging. The benefits of this application are countless some of which are: saves money, saves time, increase transparency etc.