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Employee Tracking System Application Features

In case you did your diligent research, then I suppose you know what I’m going to talk about. Since about 90% of human beings are lazy, assuming that you’re from the other 10%, I think that you’ve done the homework already. In case I’m wrong, I won’t lecture you because it’s not entirely bad. The laziest people on Earth are none but the most famous inventors in the world, who were always seeking new inventions to help make their lives simpler. So, Employee Tracking System Application –Where’s My Staff– is an attendance machines’ alternative. It is an employee attendance and time tracking application that substitutes costly and huge punch machines. It is developed by a company named Tragging, from Tripoli, a cosmopolitan city in Lebanon. The main purpose of this application was to enable employees to check-in and out to register attendance. The most compelling thing about this application is that it is NFC-based application that requires nothing but a 1mm thick NFC tag and the smart phones of employees. Yes! You heard it right! No installation process is required, no wiring, no additional devices, NOTHING! It also comprises a GPS tracker to help managers track employees who happen to work outside the company to ensure a smooth workflow and elevate efficiency and productivity. All of this brings me to the main aim of this whole article which is discussing Tragging’s Employee Tracking System Application  features.

There are many compelling features for Employee Tracking System Application . So let’s get started. I need to get you to know each other. First, allow me to say that Employee Tracking System Application application is smarter than most of the people in this world! I know it’s ruthless but that’s the truth. Employee Tracking System Application operate on using NFC feature for Android users and automatically switches to QR for Apple users upon detection. To be honest, I wish this feature worked on human beings, as soon as they start talking non-sense, it would mute them immediately. I’m just saying..

Employee Tracking System Application  functions using the GPS. Ever thought that the GPS could ever go beyond merely giving directions? Well, welcome to our world! The GPS in Employee Tracking System Application  can show you the exact locations of employees AND in REAL-TIME! No, it’s not sorcery if I’d say so myself.

As company owners, I bet you’re sick of buying and placing several attendance machines or devices for each branch you have and paying 2 kidneys, an eye, and the soul of a virgin black heterochromic cat for it. Employee Tracking System Application obviates the need to purchase many attendance machines to register employees’’ attendance. You can simply set the branches of the company from within the application itself and merely attach an NFC tag on the entrance/exit gates. Sounds good ha?

Moreover, managers have always been overwhelmed with attendance and time. In every organization, there is this employee who acts all knowledgeable as if she/he is Google -_- , I’m betting she/he is a Scorpio. Employee Tracking System Application paralyzes the ability to manipulate date and time settings. Let you can let the Scorpio die by its own venom.

Perhaps the most prominent skills of employees is giving excuses. With Employee Tracking System Application no more excuses because Employee Tracking System Application functions offline and saves the data gathered until reconnecting to the Internet. So employees can go ranting around saying they couldn’t register their attendance because they don’t have an Internet access.

Here’s the thing, the third best invention in the world is the Cloud. The first and second happens to be Employee Tracking System Application and RFID technology. Employee Tracking System Application saves all the data on a Cloud that enables managers to preview everything from any point in the world and at any time.

Furthermore, Employee Tracking System Application respects privacy as it is of utmost importance to make users feel secure. Employees’ backbiting (talking rubbish) of the manager won’t go viral, you can rest assured. Employee Tracking System Application doesn’t breach privacy. Even the tracking is not possible without having the employees’ consent and approval.

Employee Tracking System Application additional and is a very important feature is that it calculates the payrolls of each employee rapidly and with utmost accuracy, resulting in saving time and money on the behalf of the company.

Finally, just like a jealous wife, there is a reports section that records everything and I mean everything! Just like your wife won’t forget that glance you made to the woman next door 7.25 years ago, Employee Tracking System Application works the same where reports can be printed as well for further investigation. But make sure that your wife knows nothing about it.

In essence, Tragging’s Employee Tracking System Application is an ultimate must in any company. The advantages when using this application are countless some of which are: providing transparency, improving performance of employees, elevating productivity and efficiency and most importantly allows managers to save a substantial amount of money. I don’t know what’s stopping you from getting it right now. I know I did!


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