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Why Employee Management System Is Crucial For Your Success?

I have always been fascinated about history and everything related to it. I guess it’s linked to the fact that I am a book dragon. World War II, in particular, has affected me greatly; I read a lot about it and watched a lot of movies about it. Overlooking the horrific tragedies during that specific period, I would like to consider another aspect in one of the movies “Schindler’s List” which is BUSINESS. Schindler is a German businessman who employed thousands of Jews to save them from the Nazi’s wrath. He managed his employees in such a manner that although he and Jews were supposed to be “enemies”, he still cared for them. He ignored that fact and hired them to help them provide for themselves and to save their lives at the same time. He spent his life defending and helping them as a result the Jews grew extremely fond of him. Till this very day, they visit his grave in Jerusalem where they place flowers over and pray for his soul to rest in peace as a form of gratitude. Perhaps what Anne Frank has said is true after all: “Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.” I’m sorry I got carried away a little bit, but let’s go back to business. Oskar Schindler, had an enamelware factory where he did manage his 1,750 employees PERSONALLY, given the fact that back in the day there weren’t any employee management system. So he had to do it by himself where he monitored and controlled his employees and kept the records on papers.
Today, however, everything has changed. Technology took over and occupied every corner of our lives without leaving anything uninfluenced. Although, technology has its own pitfalls and disadvantages, it still somehow managed to be of much of a help to human beings.
When talking business, technology is a crucial factor in any organization’s success. I think you’ve figured out by now that I’m going to talk about the employee management system. An employee management system is an information system for managing the staff data within an organization. Nowadays, every organization, be it small or big needs to properly manage their employees and for a several set of reasons: enhance efficiency, elevate performance levels, reduce costs and errors, generate more profits etc.
A reliable employee management system is designed to aid in strategic planning, and ensure organizations are armed with the right tools to guarantee the accomplishment of the organizations’ goals thus its success.

Indeed, integrating an employee management system can be challenging sometimes as managers aren’t so well of aware of the options they have and what will satisfy their needs and requirements. Managers who wish to manage offsite employees are recommended to invest in a web-based employee management system to ensure high levels of efficiency and productivity. Of course, living in such a hectic world, everyone has a smart phone, and everyone is connected to the Internet as well. With that being said, there are many employee management systems that rely on smart phones and Internet like “Where’s My Staff” by Tragging for example. Such solutions enable managers to have maximum transparency and accuracy as well as maximum optimization of the employees’ efforts. Systems like this allow managers to manage and control employee anytime, all the time.

Managers benefit a great deal from deploying such an employee management system, some of the advantages are:
1. Managers could access all information with a click of a button from any spot in the world
2. Saves a lot of time and money
3. Automates processes
4. Increase flexibility of managing employee details
5. Retain employees’ records
6. Increases ROI
7. Reduce daily workload of HR which in return improves productivity
8. Obviate the need for papers (eco friendly solution)

When looking around, any employee management system has a different set of features. If you’re considering an employee management system, make sure that you’re integrating one that meets your organization’s needs and requirements. Where’s My Staff system records employees’ history, automates calculations of payrolls, issues comprehensive reports and enables managers to track the trajectory of employees in real-time etc. Such sophisticated business solutions like Where’s My Staff enables smooth managing procedures where managers are able to track an organization’s human resources from different locations, supervise work and productivity, monitor employees’ whereabouts, and automate human resources processes. All of which promote efficiency while saving money and time thus ensuring the organization’s success.

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