School Attendance System

  It goes without saying that attendance is pivotal in education as education doesn’t take place without it. So, educational organizations need a reliable way to record attendance, and track students on-site. As a former teacher, perhaps one of the most annoying and time consuming task in a classroom was taking attendance. [...]

Business Solution

Is Package Tracking A Real Thing?

I bet all of us have faced the “excruciating pain” of waiting for orders to be delivered. I mean, I order a pizza at 9:30 and after 10 minutes I call them back saying that it’s been two hours since I’ve ordered my pizza ranting to them about how lazy and irresponsible they are. I’m pretty sure you’ve done this once or twice. [...]

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RFID Attendance Systems

Attendance is one of the crucial factors in any organization. It is a form of management that holds the company together. Traditional methods of attendance have failed to address many aspects of the attendance process, starting with the time it consumes to the high costs to the errors and manipulation issues. With such a [...]