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Do You Really Need a Biometric Attendance Systems?

To begin with, what is a biometric attendance system? Wait! Don’t Google it; I already did it for you, here you go. A biometric attendance system is a system that automatically identifies people based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. A Biometric attendance system relies on face recognition, finger prints, palm prints, irises, voice etc. Living in a technologically driven environment, a biometric attendance system is widely spread and used. Most companies have integrated a biometric attendance system within their businesses’ thinking that it’s the best system to deploy. I’m sorry for breaking the news; it is not. Just like anything else, it has its advantages as well as its disadvantages.

A biometric attendance system is said to reduce employees’ time-theft, save time & money, and maintain accurate data. It’s, however, still flawed. Allow me to elaborate, first of all, from a personal experience; it wastes time & not the other way around. In my previous job, I had to come to work way earlier so that I wouldn’t have to wait in a long line just to register my attendance. This is just one part of my tragic experience; the other part had to do with my OCD. All I could think of was the germs. Just the thought that ALL of the employees in the organization had put their palms on the same scanner was debilitating for me. Another tough incident is when I burnt my hands, BOTH, Yes! So, the other day, I couldn’t register my attendance, which caused me a problem with the management.

Furthermore, other forms of biometric attendance systems like the iris scanner are even more agitating. Having to put the chin on a plastic tool where people are breathing & oh Lord I don’t want to talk about germs swarming all around.

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To top that, the iris scanner cannot recognize the iris if the eye is infected or is bloodshot. Talking about accuracy ha?

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What about face recognition? Well, on my good days, I look like Jafar from Aladdin without any makeup on and when I wear makeup I turn into a decent looking lady. What am I suppose to do in this case? The scanner will not be able to recognize anything different than what’s saved to its database. Face recognition is affected by changes in lighting, makeup, the age, angles, etc. all of which are hindrances to face recognition. The same goes for the voice attendance system, when people are sick their voices inevitably change making it impossible for them to check in. All of these biometric attendance systems are very costly & the concerns of their maintenance are extremely burdening.

Although biometric attendance systems are considered to be the most effective and the most secure and complicated system (they are hard to be attacked); however such systems are extremely expensive and require a huge set of hardware & software.

Tragging’s Where’s My Staff is an employee management system that registers attendance, calculate hours worked, tracks the employees and to top that it calculates payrolls. This is the new alternative for the biometric attendance system. While a biometric attendance system falls short & has many disadvantages, Where’s My Staff doesn’t have any!!

Where’s My Staff completely eliminates employee time theft that’s because everyone uses their mobile phones as their unique ID. It is said that time theft uses 5% of the company’s payroll costs. Where’s My Staff eliminates the losses. Employees simply tap their phone onto an NFC tag attached onto the wall of the company & that’s it. No hygiene concerns, no waiting in the line & being delayed, no maintenance concerns & no wasting of time & money. The only accurate way to ensure employees attendance is with where’s my staff. Unlike the biometric attendance system, that require wirings & a huge set of hardware & software, Where’s My Staff doesn’t require any as it is relies on an NFC tag & the employees’ smart phones.

Some attendance management applications that perfectly substitute the biometric attendance system are the best way for managers to ensure attendance, reduce time theft & reduce both time & money. These, extremely affordable, applications are nothing but a complete HR system that covers all the aspect of the HR activities from ensuring attendance, passing by tracking employees’ locations to calculating payrolls, and guess what? It doesn’t require any maintenance whatsoever.

Indeed, many of us might have heard something about the what-so-called “buddy punching”; it is when one of the employees asks a favor from a colleague to register their attendance when they’re absent. This of course is an example of fraud and if caught, both employees will face legal actions. This will definitely cease to happen because each smart phone serves as a unique ID card for each employee and no one is willing to hand their smart phones to anyone. Using an NFC or RFID system, managers will be able to accurately preview the employees’ attendance, track them and precisely calculate their payrolls which eliminate time theft issues involving early arrivals or departures, payroll errors etc.

Furthermore, eliminating the process of manual time keeping and attendance records, saves employee time, decreases staffing overhead, and accurately calculates payroll that clearly reflects in the effective management of business operations thus significantly increasing productivity. Not to mention that it improves the employee’s responsibilities & accountability, since employees can be accurately identified and held responsible for late attendance and frequent breaks etc. they tend to become aware of the time management, thereby increasing productivity. In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, NFC or RFID based attendance system increases ROI and that’s due to the fact that time theft is deterred, buddy punching is eliminated and a great deal of money is saved from eliminating maintenance costs.

You’re probably wondering about privacy by now.. Indeed tackling this subject is crucial, especially living in a world like ours. Attendance management applications do not breach privacy whatsoever, that’s because each employee has their own smart phone which serves as a unique ID that cannot be replicated thus it is impossible to steal or use someone else’s identity to register attendance.

Hygiene is also not a concern with attendance management applications, because every individual uses their own smart phones as their ID, which eliminates the concern of having a germs’ hot zone.

This is the new era of attendance management, where managers can save a great deal of money and time.

And now the real question is: Do you need a biometric or Non-biometric attendance system?
If you feel that your workplace is suffering from time manipulation and struggling with security & frauds, then you need an attendance system to set things right & maintain accurate employee time and attendance records.

If you’re worried about the cost & money losses, then you should consider integrating a non-biometric attendance  system to eliminate time theft thus saving money by improving productivity.

In any environment, 3% of the population cannot use the biometric attendance system for a certain reason. If your employees are always concerned with their hygiene for example and it’s affecting the workflow then you probably should integrate a non-biometric attendance application where all these concerns go to the drain.

In essence, non biometric attendance system is the system that will invade the business world and change how attendance is dealt with altogether. When it comes to time and attendance, attendance management applications are easy to use, accurate, enhance security and employee privacy.

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