Replace your complex and costly attendance machines

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“Where’s My Staff” is a Web and App System that can replace complex and costly attendance systems and conventional tracking devices applied in all small, medium-sized organizations and enterprises

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Know exactly what time each and every employee arrived and left the company

It’s noteworthy though, that with this application no one will be able to manipulate the time settings whether to register an earlier time of arrival or even a late leave from the organization. That’s because “Where’s My Staff” is an attendance system application that is based solely on the telecommunication network operators and not on the mobile phone’s setting itself.

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Monitor in real time your employees’ attendance and locations

You will be able to monitor in real time your employees’ attendance and location from anywhere all over the world, to benefit from this feature, employees need permanent internet access

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Display a workflow chart of each employee

who works outside the company during specified periods of time , you may also request a report that displays and pinpoints your employees’ whereabouts during a specific period of time along with the time of arrival and leaving each location

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Ready to use “Where’s My Staff” attendance system to track your Employees attendance and location?

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