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You can order the tag from the company’s website or you can Buy NFC Tags from any store that offers communication tools.
NB: NFC tag must be “Mifare Ultralight 13.56 MHZ” type

5.4 cm X 8.5 cm

Rectangle NFC Tag buy nfc tags Buy NFC Tags tag 1

Buy NFC tags buy nfc tags Buy NFC Tags tap nfc 1

NFC tag specification

“where’s my staff” specific NFC tag with its elegant and modernistic design, and of thickness less than 1mm, can endure all natural factors and harsh environments as well. As PVC overlay will preserve the NFC tag from any external factors, such as humidity and dust…ect. Moreover, the affixed inlay material manufactured by 3M in its turn has a high endurance towards the most robust natural factors. Each NFC tag has a unique QR code. You can order your NFC tag from the link below at a price of 25$ each include shipping fees.